CIOR YRO Reunion
2019.01.14 00:00
Viin, Austria
CIOR YRO seminaridele ja töötubades osalnud noorte reservohvitseride "vilistlaste" igaaastane kokkutulek.

CIOR YRO committee implemented a reunion-event for former YROs. The last three years a couple of YROs traveled to Vienna, Austria, for the Officers Ball and we are convinced that this event is perfectly made for that kind of reunion. Not only to see some ”old” friends again, the event itself is worth attending at least once! But take care, if you are participating once, you will certainly come back again! Information about the Ball are online:

CIOR YRO committee would like to invite you to participate in the upcoming Officers Ball in Vienna and take part in the YRO reunion 2019:
Date :
17th (18th) – 20st January 2018 (Thursday – Sunday)
Draft program:
Thursday 17th January 2019:
0800 – 1700 individual arrival (for those who want to participate at the Vienna Officers Society reception. Costs: approx. 20 Euros, drinks included)
1745 – 2000 New Year’s Reception of the Vienna Officers Society
2000 – open After-party at the Officers Club
Friday 18th January 2019:
0800 - 1700 individual arrival (for those coming only for the Ball and the “official” reunion)
1700 - 2000 Dinner with participating former YROs (and company)
2000 - 0400 Officers Ball in the Hofburg
Saturday 19th January 2019:
afternoon City tour guided by a former Austrian YRO (time and guide tbd)
1830 - 2100 Dinner
2100 - open celebration of YRO spirit
Sunday 20st January 2019:
0500 - 2400 individual departure

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