Mission Statement

The Estonian Reserve Officers’ Association (EROA) was founded on June 22 1997 upon the initiative of the participants of the first two voluntary reserve officers training courses held at the Battle School of the Defence Forces in Meegomäe, Võru County. The driving force bringing the volunteers together was their common concern for Estonia’s national security and the need to improve the will of defence of the nation.

The mission of EROA:

1.   Participation in the national defence organisation

2.   Improving the will of defence of the nation

3.   Uniting the Estonian reserve officers

During the years of its existence EROA has aspired towards achieving its aims, acting also in cooperation with the reserve officers of Finland and Sweden. The members of EROA have gained a place in the Estonian defence structures and have achieved recognition among colleagues abroad. The Estonian society is also becoming more and more convinced that Estonia is a state that can and must be defended. This proves that the will of defence of the nation is developing. The Estonian Reserve Officers’ Association has also contributed to this process. The first important steps have been taken, but the Estonian reserve officers still have plenty of work to do. To a large extent the effectiveness of the defence structures of a small country depends on its reserves. The efforts of EROA are aimed at making every Estonian understand the importance of increasing our defence power and the role of each and every one of us in doing so.