The founders of EROA started to take part and organic activities to suport its mission goals right away after founding EROA. Activities were not only to bringing it's members closer together like EROA seminars but aimed to be part of national defence discussions and developments like organizing the Conference on the Law of Armed Conflict or emphasize the importance of being in CIOR.

It is also our duty to Improving the will of defence of the nation because we are like the link between civilian and military world. We are the once who can best communicate the Defence Forces goals and missions to our civilian colleges and partners since we understand both worlds.

A lot of our activities are aimed to honor the veterans and the ones that have fallen for our country. We have commemoration ceremonies, charity events and we are one of the founders of Carolin Illenzeeri Fond SA.

One important aspect of any officer, be it regular or reserve, is to keep its qualification. Our shooting competitions started with the founding of EROA back in 1997. Now they have grown so that we have The International Shooting competition and prizes are presented by the Commander of the Estonian Defence Forces. Everyone is welcome to participate, it is usually held in the end of summer. Just look it up in our calendar and contact us.

In addition EROA members actively take part in all CIOR events and international events held by other nations reserve officers associations. We have a strong MilComp team, many YROs, experienced CIMEX officers, expert marksmen and over all strong leaders.