History of Estonian Reserve Officers’ Association (EROA)

Founded: 22 June 1997 the Battle School of the Estonian Defence Forces in Meegomäe, Võru County.

Founders: Participants of the first two voluntary reserve officers training courses ROK 1 and ROK 2.

Grounds for establishment: common understanding of the need to improve the reputation of the Estonian Defence Forces and increase the will of defence of the Estonian nation, assistance to Estonia’s integration with NATO.

Historical background: EROA considers itself the legal successor of the Central Council of Reserve Officers’ Section (founded on 23 June 1933).

Representation: EROA became CIOR  associate members in  06.02.1999 and full member 22.05.2004 when The Republic of Estonia became member of NATO.

The Chairmen of the Board:

1997 - 2000
captain Kaido PIHLAKAS
2000 - 2003
captain Lauri EINRE
2003 - 2007
major Heino PIIRSALU
2007 - 2008
first lieutenant Vello VÄINSALU
2009 - 2015
lieutenant commander Toomas PEEK 
2015 - 2021
major Andre LILLELEHT
captain Villu ÕUN